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IX-There’s a what now?

February 8, 2012
  by johanlackbeard
, a photo by johanlackbeard on Flickr.

Today, I did the following ds106 assignment:


In this assignment, we were asked to crop some words out of a sign in order to drastically change the meaning. It’s preferable to take the photo yourself rather than edit it afterwards. That was great news since I don’t know how the hell to do that anyway.


At Ontakesan Dorm, there are more signs than you can shake a stick at. The intrepid Dorm Manager, Aki, leaves nothing un-signed. There is no device, no matter how rudimentary, without operational instructions. There is a sign with aiming instructions (including a bullseye) in the men’s toilet, there are signs in your room, there are even signs on top of signs.

So this should’ve been easy right? Well no, it wasn’t. I couldn’t find anything good, until Alex, another guy who lives in the dorm, asked me why the hell I was walking around like I was looking for my lost puppy. He phrased it more politely than that, but I’m certain I looked strange slowly scanning the room with an increasingly defeated expression. He offered to help, and soon he came up with this idea. So yes, I admit it, I had outside help on this one. If it makes you feel better, I did search around for a good 10 minutes after he came up with it, and that’s when I find out I have about a 10-minute reserve of pride.


All that having been said, this probably was the best candidate in the dorm. The meanings are multitude*

1. Something inappropriate
2. There is someone dumb in the dorm manager’s office
4. Aki is awesome (While not explicitly expressed in this sign, it is an underlying fundamental truth of the universe).

*4 can be a multitude, for instance if you are a starving person offered 4 sandwiches.

** Actual text of sign: “Baking Tool in manager’s office”.


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  1. I had a good laugh about this.

  2. Nice work. I’m just wondering what a Baking Tool could possibly be.

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