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XI-The Big Hip Hop

February 15, 2012
ds1061 by johanlackbeard
ds1061, a photo by johanlackbeard on Flickr.

Link to original assignment.

The Assignment

For this ds106 assignment, “The Big Hip Hop”, we had to take an image and caption it with a song from the Billboard Top 100.

The Process

If anyone remembers my dice roller link from earlier this section, then you know that I enjoy randomness. Therefore I decided that randomness would be the best way to attain inspiration for this assignment. I looked at the Top 10 songs (since I didn’t come from America too long ago where they were repeatedly rammed against my ear canals while I was driving, therefore I would easily remember the lyrics) and keeping them in mind I found this random image generator.

This image I found was taken by a woman named Marjorie Smith, and I’m afraid I don’t know the context.

The Story

I mean, look at the guy. First of all, everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is cool and sexy. If it were not, there is absolutely no other reason why people would still do it since it will cause your untimely death and runs counter to every evolutionary instinct, and this is coming from an ex-smoker. So he has that going for him. Also, he’s in a Jeep with the top down about to go on a safari or something. Unquestionably cool. And finally, look at the face. I am not qualified to judge his sexiness, but apparently he has already judged his own.



I JUST realized that he’s also drinking a beer. If danger and recklessness are sexy, this man truly can’t be beat. Poisoning his lungs while driving intoxicated and not looking at the road more or less makes him the sexiest human alive. I also think it’s kind of humorous that no one pointed out his DUI issues in the comments on the picture, only complimented its artsiness. Oh, art people.

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  1. You nailed it with this one – perfect song to go with the image. I’d be happy with just 15% of his cool.

    I’d like to offer one small critique, if I may. The text doesn’t stand out from the image too well. You don’t need to change the image unless you want, but I wonder if you see it the way I do. If so, who might you do it differently?

    • I haven’t given it an excessive amount of thought, but, I can’t think of a way to make the text stand out more without making the image look garish to me. I wanted to keep the subdued black and white feel. I’m 100% sure there is a way to do what you would like but I don’t know that I have the ability to do it…

      • You could have done it as a tattoo on his shiny forehead.

        But that might not have been the aesthetic you had in mind.

  2. Ha this is great! I thought he looked like a americanized version of Ghandi~ Only cooler

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