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XVII-What They Think….

March 17, 2012

Link to original assignment.

For this ds106 assignment, I was asked to try my hand at the recently popular “What ____ thinks I do” meme. Because I’m an egomaniac, I decided to do one about myself.


I originally set out to make it using MS Paint, because I had found nothing but pain and frustration awaiting me using other programs. Much to my dismay that was the same thing awaiting me in MS Paint. A closer examination of the original assignment revealed there was a link to a site where you could generate these type of images (which may in fact indicate that it has jumped the shark as a meme).

Using this, I set out to find the appropriate pictures of myself and captions to make an effective image. This process was actually more difficult than it sounds, even though it consisted entirely of previously existing material (except for the final picture). It took me over an hour to do. It’s true that I used an online generator to make it, and didn’t make it from scratch, but complaining about that is like yelling at a student for printing his research paper out of a printer rather than handing in a medieval illuminated manuscript. At least that’s what I think.



Here’s a link to the picture I made.


So basically the narrative here is about my new life in Japan (except for the first picture, which is a joke about how throughout my life a lot of people have just assumed I was a psychotic serial killer. I guess I have that look. I’m not sure I mind so much because it may have kept annoying people from talking to me at some point). My parents have often complained to me that in every new picture I post I’m drinknig or drunk, which is a consequence of the fact that in the circles I socialize in, those are the only times anyone wants to take pictures. Most of my friends who I left behind in the Navy probably think that I’m just over here chillin’ (or “skatin” as they would say) and there is probably a lovely lady out of shot straddling me (not neccessarily in mid-coitus…get your minds out of the gutter). The third picture speaks to some of the weird ideas I’ve heard put forth about the military by people who were never in it (hint: we took that picture as a joke. It is not the equivalent of a senior picture taken for the Navy). If I wanted to be more controversial I could have taken a picture of me throwing babies off of a cliff in Afghanistan but I specifically told the guys who were with me not to take pictures while I was doing that.

The second to last picture, which is being used (without authorization) as we speak for a TUJ Rugby club poster, represents my newfound love of being a rugby weekend warrior, which has really saved me from being a lazy-ass drunkard this semester. Of course, when I’m not playing rugby, I pretty much am a lazy-ass drunkard the rest of the time.And finally there’s a picture of me actually DOING this assignment…never let it be said that I’m not clever.

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  1. Nicely done. The finished product with the various images is pretty cool. Too bad you didn’t put the image on your blog.

    And I clicked the link back to the original assignment but didn’t see your post there. That must be because you didn’t include the right tags. Bummer.

  2. I normally hate these but since this involves Sean it makes it ok. A+++!!!

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