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XXIII-No, it wasn’t

May 6, 2012

As I alluded to in my final class-related post, I knew there was a possibility that the end of CIS 0835 wasn’t necessarily the end of this blog. Hell, what can I say, I missed vomiting my thoughts out onto the Internet. You might say that I do this very frequently on a daily basis via Facebook and Twitter. Well those are merely baby spit-ups compared to the steaming pile of undigested food and stomach acid that I can unleash with a blog.

Times have been strange since the semester ended. I live a mainly solitary life in Ikebukuro that is suddenly and rudely interrupted by bits of diligent partying and wild working. This is really a cesspool of a neighborhood so it’s a good thing I’m only apartment sitting and won’t stay here long. Ok, so I guess it’s unfair to characterize all of Ikebukuro as a cesspool, but I live on the east side of the station, quite literally the “wrong side of the tracks”, the side with the massage parlors, soaplands, angry, vomiting, and angrily vomiting drunks. However the popularity of the more admittedly more fashionable west side is inexplicable to me. It’s almost as if every weekend it’s visited by hordes of people who woke up that morning and thought, “I’ve been basically everywhere in Tokyo…..why not Ikebukuro? Meh.”

 Allegedly Sunshine City is some kind of incredible mall, but I was less than impressed with it, it reminded me of a standard American mall in the middle of a nondescript town. On the plus side, I live within walking distance of Donki, Subway, three McDonalds’, three or four Matsuyas, many ramen shops, Starbucks, Burger King, Cocos, etc. etc. etc. 

On May 9th, Inshallah I will be moving to an apartment in a sleepy but beautiful neighborhood very close to Itabashi station. And I’ll no longer be sleeping on an air mattress which produces 40db of sound every time I roll over (making sex out of the question). 

Well, as my math teacher would abruptly say last semester, that’s it.

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